What is Keto?


There is no one size fits

all plan here! 

The Keto is a very low Carb Diet which forces your body to switch its fuel source from Glucose to Ketones which is converted from body Fat by the liver, this is done by starving your body of Sugar & Processed Carbohydrates.

The Macro Balance of a Standard Ketogenic Diet is 70% Fats / 25% Protein / 5% Carbs. 

There are 5 different types of Ketogenic Diets and it will depend on your gaols as to which one you will ned to follow to achieve your desired results!

There are many factors that need to be assessed and combined to create the perfect plan for each individual but the benefits are there in Medical Science for all to see that Combined with Intermittent Fasting, a Custom Ketogenic Diet is one of the most amazing ways to stay young  (physically & mentally )and healthy!! 

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