Let's keep an inspiring Grom's dream alive and stand a chance of winning a custom designed SMTH SHAPES surfboard.

Pro Surfer, Kai Hall, needs our support to keep his surfing dream alive. Being one of my sponsored young athletes, I know that Kai is a very dedicated, hard working young surfer who surfs for 9 hours straight some days. He is so focused and puts his whole heart into surfing.

Together with Graeme Smith from SMTH SHAPES, we are raising funds to keep Kai's dream alive. We need you to help us reach our goal by:

  1. Buying a bag of Game Biltong

  2. Whatsapp your unique code to 0612320013

  3. Stand a chance of winning a custom designed surfboard.

We know that you guys are going to be kiff and support this cause all the way!

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