CBD Balm & Oil is here!

I have been wanting to add CBD to my range for a while now as I have been using it throughout my cancer & bonemarrow transplant.

I finally came across a FDA Approved CBD oil, tried and tested it and then... Fireworks! I found THE one. It is one of the only FDA approved CBD's in S.A and has an amazing fresh peppermint flavour. It contains 20mg of CBD per milliliter of oil. Not only did I discover this amazing CBD oil but the balm as well. Let me tell you, the balm is the bomb! You literally want to apply it all over your body, the smell is addictive (no pun intended). In support of the 'Slow Beauty' movement, I added the balm to my range, where one product serves many purposes and this balm can be used from a hair-wax, hand cream, face cream, for aching muscles, psoriasis, eczema, dry heels, bruises etc.

CBD oil is a natural product with many medicinal benefits and can help with:



•Gut health

•Auto Immune diseases



•Skin ailments

and many more.

Always remember to consult you medical doctor before taking any supplements or remedies.

Ciao :) Dino

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